Abbas Hashmi
Family Office Specialist-Ultra Affluent Private Investors & Families
Institute for Private Investors


"I have met DJ a number of times at conferences and then in person. I have found him to be an insightful speaker, collaborative family office professional, emotionally intelligent networker and a very thoughtful friend. Dj is an asset for any family office looking for a resourceful, talented and entrepreneurial profit center head."

Garb Mechigian
CTCmyCFO - Multifamiliy Office


"DJ is very knowledgeable with regard to real estate offerings that fit well with family offices. He understands the complexities that come with investing for a family office, which typically have different needs than an institution. Families may have liquidity constraints, geographical boundaries, and property type biases which manifest themselves during the investment process. DJ is exceptional at working through these issues to ensure that families invest with confidence in properties that meet their unique requirements. I'm completely confident introducing DJ to my most sophisticated clients as well as those that are new to the asset class."

Bendita Cynthia Malakia, Esq.
Goldman Sachs

"I worked with DJ in developing both the Harvard Student Real Estate Consortium (HREC) and the Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization. In both organizations, DJ demonstrated inspiring and effective leadership. He has a positive attitude, is flexible and always willing to go the extra mile. It is an honor to know him both personally and professionally."

Farhad Soltanieh
Investment Director

"I have had the pleasure to work with DJ through Harvard alumni network and ULI Boston. DJ is one of the most entrepreneurial and persuasive professionals I have met in my career. I have always been impressed by his creative ideas in real estate projects and his ability to structure/raise capital to develop new ventures. DJ’s perseverance and entrepreneurial skills are keys to his success and I am delighted to recommend DJ."

Holley Chant, LEED AP, GSAS CGP
Senior Executive / Sustainability & Environment
KEO International Consultants

"I had the pleasure of working with DJ while we were officers in the Harvard Real Estate Consortium. A founding member of HREC, DJ was a highly committed participant, always diligent and focused. He brought innovative thinking and excellent organizational skills to our processes. DJ consistently followed through on tasks to develop the organization regardless of how busy he was with studies and exams. Lastly, he has a great sense of humor and was always fun to collaborate with and always was very kind and encouraging to all of us within HREC- something that I appreciated very much."